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Pomeroy Leadership has unleashed human potential through experiential engagements since the 1990’s. We increase employee collaboration and impact by facilitating learning opportunities for individuals and teams during the normal rhythm of business, keeping the focus and efforts on business results.

Participants are actively supported and challenged through individual and group activities to increase clarity, consistency, and collaboration across the organization. We help people better understand the systems and sub systems they are functioning in, as well as the inter-personal, inter-disciplinary, and inter-cultural gaps which inevitably arise in the multicultural business world. This fosters a more creative and connected workforce that more easily and joyfully addresses the dynamic challenges that arise everyday.

How we do it?   How you do it?


“I asked Randy to guide me on HOW to build my team as I had the WHY and the WHAT clear in my mind. Randy studied my new team; we had an offsite and started our journey. Now, our communication flows easily, peers help each other, we respect each other’s and value how we work.”

Director of Quality, Microsoft Corporation, Client

“Randy has worked with me in personal leadership development through several major transitions as my career has grown from a small team to massive organization. His work with me has helped me develop key skills to operate and thrive at all levels of the company. Randy has also help with the development of my leadership

GM, Microsoft Corporation, Client

“Randy worked with my data team as we transitioned our focus to an entirely different space.  This was an extremely hard transition as it involved changes at both a career level and personal level for many people.  Randy was instrumental in helping bring my team along this hard journey *and* in a way that engendered

GM, Microsoft Corporation3, Client

“I’ve worked with Randy for multiple years as part of a large team transformation project. His customized training and coaching approach and his persistent and pointed yet friendly feedback was very effective in developing team cohesion, individual core competencies and increasing overall team performance. And the best part: it was fun! I definitely recommend Randy

GM, Microsoft Corporation2, Client


Organizational Development

We help people better understand the systems and sub systems they are functioning in, as well as the inter-personal, inter-disciplinary, and inter-cultural gaps which inevitably arise in the multicultural business world…

Executive Coaching

We support and challenge leaders in regular 1:1 meetings to increase awareness and understanding of self and others, leading to stronger relationships, ownership and embodiment of true purpose…

Meeting Facilitation

We facilitate strategic meetings on a rhythmic cadence for leadership teams to define, discuss, debate and decide on priorities, resource allocation, and agreed courses of action.  The 1:1 Executive Coaching work feeds into vigorous and productive working session that align and inspire…

Team Training

We believe in teachable moments and are always on the lookout for opportunities to be present and grow personally, professionally and collectively.  We establish foundational training tools and taxonomy, so organizations can speak and act with consistency.   This allows for increased feedback and accountability with regular reminders to enact high performance behaviors…


Randy Pomeroy

Principal, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Author, Trainer

Randy Pomeroy is skilled and experienced in supporting and challenging leaders and their teams to reach top aspirations…



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