Doug Sandok

Doug Sandok

Leadership Coach, Mountain Guide, Corporate Relations Director, Group Facilitator, Trainer

Doug is an accomplished Leadership Coach, mountain guide and group facilitator with extensive training in risk management, expeditionary learning, group process, and individual counseling…

B.A. in Sociology and Urban Studies, AMGA, WFR

Today Doug applies the leadership and teaming skills he has honed by empowering individuals and organizations to have greater impact through meaningful partnerships that leverage purpose into evolutionary learning human systems.  Doug has built his life around being in the outdoors, traveling the world, and creating opportunities for others to learn and grow from challenge and adventure. Doug has been shaped by the wild places he’s explored and the amazing people he shares these experiences with. Expeditions include mountain guiding and instructing in the Himalayas and South America, as well as leading extensive medical aid tours into Rwanda, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Sri Lanka.  Doug has lead for esteemed organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Outward Bound, International Rescue Committee, Where There Be Dragons, the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, and Paradox Sports.  Doug is an avid adventurer and loves spending time with his family in Colorado.

“There is no substitute for a wilderness experience – the growth that comes from a hard day moving through challenging terrain, and working with a team to reach a goal. Sometimes, it can be as simple as exploring your own ‘backyard’. and sleeping on the ground under the stars. Those are the elements that foster personal growth and deep friendship.”